Why Mentoring ?

Have you Seen this ads before???

Amazed!!! Yes… we regularly see this kind of popular ads on every website or social media which tempt people to participate in stock market & become quick rich!!!

Have you ever thought why a student spends 2 years for MBA, 4 years for Engineering, 5 years to become a qualified Doctor, 4 to 5 years to become a CA and also much practical experience along with failures & bounce back to become a successful Entrepreneur…?

Then why to compromise for Wealth Building knowledge???

Technical analysis is not a magic tool which reap profit readily, but it’s a step by step process of learning & practicing under expert. Yes, we are talking about the Mentoring which plays vital role in development of a trader

We at chartking focused on system base learning where our Mentor takes care of key important areas to improve while trading with regular tricks and tools to avoid mistakes and errors. We believe trading is a game of psychology and many people fail in trading due to improper treatment and emotions management/control. Trading needs a sharp decision making power, rules and habits, therefore we at Chartking, more focusing on psychological tuning of a trader and development of a person with proven tactics and tested inputs to control mind and WIN this game.

Our mentoring phase is not just guiding people how to trade but focus on what is needed to grab the profitable point of the trade with right decisions & logics.

If you just want to be Trader… You don’t need a mentoring. If you want to be Logical & Profitable Pro Trader. JOIN MENTORING


Welcome to the world of inimitable knowledge hub!!!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, a very famous quote by world renowned inventor & philosopher Mr Benjamin Franklin gives the right vision to every Trader & Investor. Personal financial management is not only the topic of self-interest but essential to create ample wealth & Stock Market is one of the best promising instruments to bet on growth.

The educators at our academy are full-time traders. With their decade-long experience in trading and mentoring, you could be assured of knowledge and insights derived from experience rather than books.

Our focus is on practical learning instead of rehashing easily available gyan via online and offline impression-building stunts. Our educators understand the market and have a passion for simplifying trading and investment methods for beginners.

The courses at ChartKing are designed for doers and determined individuals who are seeking to transform their lives by taking measured actions. We don't believe in magic tricks, and neither should you. Our goal is to teach you how the market functions and how you can make the most out of it.

Apart from trading and teaching, we also love nurturing trading and investor talent. When you join us, it is more like a part of an ever-evolving community. Come, be a part of our success story.

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No promise of magic tricks, only practical insights that work.

The right mentor makes a huge difference in your performance – be it academics, sports or stock market. With a mentor you don’t just train, you refine your thinking and expand your capabilities. Reason why there is a vast difference in results achieved by people who are fighting it out on their own and those who work with mentors

  • We believe becoming a master in trading is a process, therefore our trading library is well equipped with Learning & Analysis videos and books
  • Health, Wealth & Happiness in greater manner a person can enjoy if the flow of Money would be consistent without stress, Our " Manasiddhi " Workshop unlock the flow of abundance.
  • We believe in training Mind that controls everything to route & Attract the flow of Money

Willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise. ...


Demonstrates a positive attitude , acts as a positive role model. ...


Takes a personal interest in the mentoring ....


Values ongoing learning and knowledge growth....